Why Northwood Estate Agents?

We believe that there is an opportunity and indeed a need to create a professional real estate agency that is overwhelmingly about its customer's needs and not just about its agents.  This agency will deliver exceptional results and outstanding customer service. We believe that by listening to our customers and working closely with them we can create something special. We may be new but we bring significant skills and experience to the table on our customer's behalf. We believe that our energy, enthusiasm and tenacity will give our customers the results that they deserve.  We are here to help you.

Meet the Team

Peter Ernst - Licensee-in-charge and Director

Peter has lived and worked within the local West Pennant Hills, Thornleigh and West Epping areas for over 47 years.  He comes to real estate after having spent over 30 years selling scientific equipment. During that time he has successfully negotiated multi-million dollar deals and has achieved recognition as the top sales person in the world for a particular range of American instrumentation. Peter has extensive sales, marketing, customer service and project and company management experience in complex and competitive markets. His skills and experience are available to help you get the best deal for your home. Originally coming from scientific research and engineering, Peter takes a very rational but still very personal approach to the sales process.

His years of sales and business success are based on absolute persistence and hard work combined with building positive relationships with all his contacts. All agents understandably say that they are passionate about homes but Peter truly is, having physically built his own home and later selling it personally at a premium price long before he ever thought about going into real estate. He is joining his son, an existing real estate agent, in this business and together they offer you their skills and experience.

Michael Ernst - Licensed Real Estate Agent and Director

Michael has lived, studied and worked in and around West Pennant Hills for over 18 years giving him extensive knowledge of the local area. He has over 3 years experience in real estate spanning from Beecroft through to Toongabbie and thus covering a significant range of different types of properties, sellers and buyers. During this time Michael has been lucky to have worked alongside some of Sydney's best local agents whilst gathering knowledge and experience. He has been acknowledged by some of his peers as being one of the best young agents that they have ever worked with. Michael has developed his own approach to real estate sales; a straight-forward, no nonsense process relying heavily on his honesty and backed up by his strong inter-personal skills.

Michael's success has come from being available whenever needed by both sellers and buyers and always going the extra mile to complete a negotiation. He works very hard to understand his customer's needs and also understands the importance of good communication to help both sellers and buyers through the exciting yet often stressful process of real estate sales. Michael has now opened a new real estate agency together with his father with the aim of helping you to have a truly rewarding real estate experience.